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Leading in Overpressure Protection.


Consolidated boasts 140+ years of dedicated Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) Engineering and Manufacturing expertise.  We know overpressure protection!  With more than 10 major first-to-market products and features, Consolidated continues to deliver innovative technical solutions to the world's most challenging overpressure protection applications.  When combined with the expertise and full-scale service of the Green Tag Center (GTC) Network, Consolidated is able to provide a comprehensive approach to Valve Lifecycle Management (VLM) that is second to none.

We continue to pursue excellence and strive to lead the overpressure protection industry in the following areas:

Thought Leadership

The Industry Authority for overpressure protection subject matter.  Innovative Technical Solutions to the world's most challenging applications.

Differentiated Products

Full scope ASME I & VIII portfolio with Documented Value and Performance Benefits over all other products on the market.

World Class Service & Execution

Comprehensive Valve Lifecycle Management (VLM) enabled by state-of-the-art tools and delivered by the unparalleled Consolidated Green Tag Center (GTC) Network, Consolidated supports our product throughout the entire lifecycle.

Consolidated…Best Under Pressure!