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Energy Transition

At Baker Hughes, we are an energy technology company. The Valves team provides solutions to optimize service, improve reliability, increase efficiency and reduce emissions in processing and manufacturing industries.  We recognize and support the critical role of renewable energy, and our rich experience in conventional energy allows for the kind of innovation required to take energy forward. From upstream, through pipelines and transportation, to final downstream production such as refining, LNG, petrochemical and chemical, our valve, regulator and digital solutions are relied on for quality and durability. We are also leaders in power generation including conventional, combined cycle, and alternative methods such as geothermal and nuclear. Our Masoneilan, Consolidated, Becker, and Mooney valve and regulator products have been serving these industries and many more for well over a century with strong brands built on decades of proven installations.

When we say we take energy forward, we mean we are making it safer, cleaner, and more efficient for people and the planet. Today, our world is seeing a great demand for transition to clean fuels. Whether the technology is advanced carbon capture in traditional plants, or “greener” hydrogen production technology for energy transition, we are leading the way with higher efficiency control and pressure relief, as well as advanced digital automation.



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Oil and Gas

Our established legacy of premium process control products and services help you operate efficiently and predictably, ensuring that projects are executed right the first time and assets consistently perform at peak productivity. Our portfolio is enriched by digitalization, artificial intelligence and automation capabilities that enable remote operations, reduce risk, and drive decarbonization efforts.

Power Generation Plant


Power Generation

Today’s global energy market places many demands on power generation technology including high thermal efficiency, low cost, rapid installation, reliability, environmental compliance and operational flexibility. Whether its conventional coal, nuclear or alternative and renewable sources, we offer customized valve solutions with a wide range of certifications for protection, control, pressure relief and digital monitoring in the most demanding applications in power generation.



We bring a host of solutions across the entire LNG value stream from liquefaction to tankers to storage and regasification. Our engineering and manufacturing centers provide a wide range of valve technology needed in the industry, from the extremely low temperature of cryogenic processes to ultra-high capacity gas valves associates with refrigerant gas compression systems. Our valves have been relied upon since the beginning of the industry and continue to be used in installations with advancing technology.


LNG tanker




Other Industries

We offer customized valve solutions for many additional industries, including Chemical, Pulp & Paper, Food & Beverage, Mining, General Process and Water Wastewater. We understand the most challenging applications and have decades of experience around the globe.  We are leading in valve innovations in high pressure reduction, non-clogging trim designs, erosion resistance, and the expansion of new materials for greater corrosion resistance, reliability and durability in harsh environments.