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Baker Hughes offers customized valve solutions for Upstream Oil & Gas industry with its wide range of certifications, engineered products, general service/severe service control valves, isolation valves, safety valves, ASME section VIII safety relief and pilot operated safety relief valves. Baker Hughes combines innovation with decades of industry experience; our valves technology, instrumentation, positioners, and digital valve management technologies seamlessly come together for a customized, high-performance solution for the most demanding applications including those commonly found in wellhead, separation, dehydration, compression and auxiliary systems in upstream Oil & Gas.


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Key FPSO/Offshore Platform Applications:

Separation: Inlet Pressure Control, Slug Catcher, Back-Pressure Control, Thermal Relief, LP/HP Separator, Water Letdown, Vent to Flare/Vent Relief, Production Choke, Flare Scrubber

Auxiliary: Surge Control, Pump Recirculation, Gas Lift, Chemical/Water Injection, Gas to Flare, Safety Relief

Dehydration: Lean/Rich Glycol Letdown, Level Control, Back-Pressure Control, Thermal Relief, Pressure Relief

​​​Compression: Scrubber, Compressor Recycle, Compressor Anti-surge, Hot Gas Bypass, Wellhead Injection, Gas Injection, Steam Pressure Control, Lube Oil Temperature Control, Pressure Relief


Key Oil Sands Applications:

Steam Systems: OSTG (Steam Turbine Generator), SAGD (Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage) Separator, SAGD Well Pad, Steam Conditioning, Boiler Feedwater, Level Control, Economizer, Superheater Safety & Pressure Control

Heavy Upgrader: Pipeline ESD Emergency Shutdown, High Pressure H-Oil Control.


Products Offered