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For extreme environments in the upstream and offshore segments, Baker Hughes offers optimal control and pressure relief products for these harsh environments to help our customers address their greatest needs.

Optimize Service

In remote locations where unplanned service is not an option, harness the power of Valve Lifecycle Management (VLM) condition-based monitoring to proactively predict and prevent failures.

Improve Reliability

Mitigate concerns of corrosion and downtime of external equipment operating in harsh marine conditions with the 316SS housing and non-contact sensing capabilities of the SVI™ Digital Valve Positioner.

Increase Efficiency

Increase production output with the highest efficiency over-pressure protection equipment available, Consolidated™ high pressure pilot operated relief valves.

Reduce Emissions

Make your FPSO best in class with Low-E valve solutions offering the tightest available standards against total emissions, meeting ISO-15484 CCI Class B or better, down to as low as <1 ppm, regardless of system pressure.

Key FPSO/Offshore Platform Applications:

Separation: Inlet Pressure Control, Slug Catcher, Back-Pressure Control, Thermal Relief, LP/HP Separator, Water Letdown, Vent to Flare/Vent Relief, Production Choke, Flare Scrubber

Auxiliary: Surge Control, Pump Recirculation, Gas Lift, Chemical/Water Injection, Gas to Flare, Safety Relief

Dehydration: Lean/Rich Glycol Letdown, Level Control, Back-Pressure Control, Thermal Relief, Pressure Relief

​​​Compression: Scrubber, Compressor Recycle, Compressor Anti-surge, Hot Gas Bypass, Wellhead Injection, Gas Injection, Steam Pressure Control, Lube Oil Temperature Control, Pressure Relief


Key Oil Sands Applications:

Steam Systems: OSTG (Steam Turbine Generator), SAGD (Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage) Separator, SAGD Well Pad, Steam Conditioning, Boiler Feedwater, Level Control, Economizer, Superheater Safety & Pressure Control

Heavy Upgrader: Pipeline ESD Emergency Shutdown, High Pressure H-Oil Control.


Products Offered