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Valve Lifecycle Management

  • Control Valve Health Monitoring for Improved Plant Performance

    Valve Aware is a Control valve health monitoring service offered by Baker Hughes and our local service partners, to better help understand the health of all pneumatic control valves. Valve Aware utilizes complete maintenance records and monitors control valve performance during normal process operations, plant integrity, efficiency and uptime can be improved—reducing operating expenses thereby increasing plant profitability.

    • Improve plant safety by diagnosing fluid leaks and control valve seating issues 
    • Improve plant uptime by diagnosing and validating the health of control valves without disturbing the process
    • Improve plant performance with key performance indicators that show valve or system tuning issues 
    • Verify proper installation and calibration 
    • Diagnose control valves equipped with SVI* series products as well as any control valves equipped with HART® or Foundation™ fieldbus positioners 
    • Enable flexible implementation such as point-to-point or integrated solutions with leading asset management software 
    • Conduct long-term performance trending with automated data collection and analysis
    • Enhance information management with a built-in database 
    • Better manage your resources with quarterly health reports 
    • Access all valve maintenance completed by Masoneilan Authorized Repair Centers (MARC)*
    • Build reports for regulators documenting valve maintenance
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