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Valve Noise Reduction

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    Differential Velocity Technology

    Baker Hughes's patented Masoneilan DVD (Differential Velocity Device) is a highly efficient noise-reduction solution for rotary valves. Building on technology used in turbo-fan jet engines, the DVD device utilizes larger diameter outer holes to create a lower velocity annular flow stream around the flow area perimeter. This lower velocity flow stream reduces noise transmission from the higher velocity inner flow, resulting in lower external noise levels.


    Stacked Plate Technology

    V-LOG™ Energy Management Trim is manufactured from a brazed stack of laser-cut plates, each with a series of 90 degree turns used to redirect the flow of the process fluid through a high-resistant flow path. Each stage also includes an expansion and contraction in area for maximum pressure reduction efficiency. Further, each valve body is contoured to account for flow expansion and trim area velocity to manage the total system noise, offering customers a compact energy management control valve.


    Variable Resistance Trim

    Baker Hughes VRT™ technology consists of a brazed stack of drilled plates which efficiently channel the flow through multiple turns in a tortuous path configuration. The design is primarily used in high-pressure drop liquid applications. VRT is typically packaged within standard Masoneilan globe and angle valve bodies.


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