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Baker Hughes's Global Valve Aftermarket Centers

Baker Hughes offers a full range of OEM expertise supporting field service, inventory, and product support available from key locations around the world. Together with our trained network of over 200 GTCs (Green Tag Center)  and MARCs (Masoneilan Authorized Repair Centers) , we can dispatch a qualified valve expert to nearly any location within hours. To find your nearest qualified service technician or product support specialist, please click here.


Deer Park – Texas Naples – Italy Edenvale – South Africa Jebel Ali – UAE Singapore

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  • Deer Park, Texas Aftermarket Center
  • Located in the Houston Ship Channel, the America’s Aftermarket Center (AMC) supports both Consolidated and Masoneilan customers throughout the America’s region. Baker Hughes holds over $40M of valves and spare parts on the shelf at all times to meet customer urgent needs. The AMC boasts a full machine shop for rapid manufacturing to make special parts, legacy parts, and special alloy with fast turnaround. A full team of customer care, product specialist and engineers are available to support field issues and needs. Watch our video for a real view into Baker Hughes’s America’s Aftermarket Center and see the many faces who support Baker Hughes’s end users.  Click here.

  • Naples, Italy Aftermarket Center
  • Naples, Italy Aftermarket Center (AMC) is the central hub of our European Aftermarket Support. Covering over 22,000 square meters, this facility is a state of the art center with the ability to supply any part or any type valve in short order. With over€20M of valves and spare parts on the shelf at all times, along with a support team of 200 personnel, the Naples AMC is established to support any customer need in the region. Like all the Baker Hughes AMC’s, Naples AMC  boasts a full machine shop and support network to meet the most pressing aftermarket need. Click here to see a brief video on the Baker Hughes Naples Aftermarket Center.

  • Midland, South Africa Aftermarket Center
  • Baker Hughes Midland, South Africa Aftermarket Center (AMC) has been established to support the sub-Sahara Africa installed base of products. This facility supports a large range of end user customers and channel partner network within the region. With over $10M of valves, spare parts and kits (ValvFAST), this AMC prides itself in meeting those short demand needs for the local users. Midland has great access to logistics, service capabilities and a support team that understands that downtime is not a friendly word.

  • Jebel Ali, UAE Aftermarket Center
  • With the extremely large and strong installed base of energy providers in the Middle East, Baker Hughes has committed local support through our in region Aftermarket Center (AMC) located in Jebel Ali. Strategically located in the trade free zone to support valve-add production, repair, and assembly in the entire region, Jebel Ali AMC supports the many end users and channel partners with both valves and spare parts/kits (ValvFAST) to meet pressing short delivery turnaround needs. Like all the Baker Hughes AMC’s, the Jebel Ali deploys a strong support team to meet the most urgent customer demands.

  • Singapore Aftermarket Center
  • Singapore Aftermarket Center (AMC) was commissioned decades ago to support Asia Pacific with local service and product availability. This AMC is strategically located to support the entire region with great access to logistics and a strong supply base nearby. The Singapore AMC stocks both valves and spare parts/kits (ValvFAST) to meet those pressing short delivery needs that customers covet when their plant is in a pinch. Like all the Baker Hughes AMC’s, the Singapore AMC  boasts a full machine shop and support network to meet the most urgent customer demands.

  • Baker Hughes Aftermarket Centers

    • Providing Full Service Support Locally Around the Globe

      Baker Hughes’s Aftermarket Centers (AMCs) are designed for advanced distribution systems for Consolidated and Masoneilan products around the world. Innovations to stock local modules and kits in region give the sites the ability to assemble and test a wide range of final valve configurations from our state-of-the-art ValvFAST™ program. Local technicians and advance valve testing, including safety valve steam testing, allows our teams great flexibility to solve the urgent needs of our customers.

      • Quality Aftermarket Products and Support
      • Quick Access to OEM Parts, Kits and Complete Valves
      • Advanced Machining, Testing and Technology to Quickly Fulfill Special Orders
    Global AMC

    OEM Parts

    • Exceptional Performance to Handle the Toughest Conditions

      Baker Hughes spare and replacement parts have delivered exceptional performance. Expertly developed and rigorously tested, they meet high standards for quality, safety and dependability. That tradition of excellence continues today with the original Masoneilan, Consolidated, Becker and Mooney parts from Baker Hughes.

      • Global Service Network
      • Sophisticated Parts Development
      • Superior Dependability
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