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Driving Outcomes

The industries we serve are evolving to pursue new frontiers with an increased focus on corporate social responsibility.  Reducing emissions and ensuring safety are non-negotiable in the modern economy, while pressure to unlock new growth and improve margins continues to increase. As industries seek to modernize and future-proof their operations, now more than ever, operators are looking for more than a valve supplier. They are looking for a partner who can deliver comprehensive Valve Lifecycle Management solutions that enable them to deliver on commitments and address their toughest operational challenges.

With Baker Hughes Valve Lifecycle Management services and the industry leading SVI3 Digital Valve Positioner, plants are reducing valve maintenance expenses by as much as 50% while improving process control performance. See how Baker Hughes can help you to optimize your plant’s performance through the power of digitalization by using historic performance trends combined with embedded algorithms to predict your future.


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  Valve Lifecycle Management Services

Asset Management

Tracking performance, maintenance and repair throughout the life of the valve.

Calibration & Tuning

Optimizing valve performance and process efficiency.

Monitoring & Diagnostics

Online or offline diagnostics pinpoint trouble spots and help prioritize repair and maintenance.

Turnaround Management

Planning for necessary repairs and spare parts well in advance of operation shutdown.

Product Upgrades

Helping to identify the correct solution when its time to replace an underperforming valve.

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Masoneilan Digital Valve Positioners

Since the introduction of the SVI™ (Smart Valve Interface) in 1997, Masoneilan has continued to lead the way in advanced performance control, cutting-edge diagnostics, and digital transformation of the valve industry. Today, we offer a wide portfolio of digital valve positioners for most valve and actuator combinations, with an unmatched range of capabilities and billions of field-proven operating hours.


Accurate, Responsive and Reliable

The third generation Masoneilan SVI is a user friendly digital valve positioner for pneumatic control valves.  Utilizing advanced control and diagnostic algorithms, along with field-proven noncontact position sensing technology, the SVI 3 delivers accurate, responsive, and reliable positioning performance.

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Valve Lifecycle Management Tools

Baker Hughes VLM tools can be used independently, but most effectively as a comprehensive suite of cloud analytics to get the most out of your valves processes, depending on your needs.