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Since the start-up of the worlds first Nuclear plants in the 1950’s, Masoneilan and Consolidated have been key brands that focus on delivering best in class products to help our customers optimize their operations.

Optimize Service

Our digital suite of Valve Lifecycle Management tools coupled with our global network of Masoneilan™ Authorized Repair Centers and Consolidated™ Green Tag™ Centers help you easily identify and service the valves that need it the most, making turnarounds and planned maintenance easier.

Improve Reliability

Our engineers work closely with our customers and regulatory agencies to ensure that our valves are designed for compliance and each specific installation, maintaining safe and reliable performance over the installed lifecycle with reduced maintenance.

Increase Efficiency

Our legacy of innovating control valve and pressure relief valve technology provides the right solutions to ensure installed valves are configured and sized to reduce operational costs, maximize process efficiency and keep critical processes running smoothly.

Reduce Emissions

Safety valve emissions and control valve leakage result in lost efficiency. By using proper materials to manage thermal cycling and best-in-class, leak-tight designs, Baker Hughes provides a full suite of products to support the full range of applications in the Power industry segments.

Key Thermal Applications:  Boiler, Steam Turbine, Feedwater Heaters​​​​​​, Deaerator,  Condenser, Cooling Tower.

Key Nuclear Applications:  Reactor Building, Turbine Building, Control Building​​​​​​, Reactor Facility Grounds,  Balance of Plant, Cooling Tower.

Key Combined Cycle Applications:  Steam Turbine, Gas Turbine, Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG), Balance of Plant.

Key Geothermal Applications:  Wellhead Flow Line, Separator/Flash Tank, Scrubber, Balance of Plant, Steam Turbine, Rock Muffler, Clarifier, Reinjection.

Key Other Applications:  Boiler, Steam Turbine, Balance of Plant.

Products Offered