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Type 1511 Safety Valve

  • Benefits:

    The Consolidated 1511 series safety valve design provides
    reduced maintenance cost with its simplicity.


    Open Spring design and simplicity allows ease of disassembly and assembly.


    The Consolidated 1511 series safety valves are designed with
    cast iron body and brass trim with inlet pressure ratings from
    ASME 125 class thru ASME 250 class. The Consolidated 1511
    series offers proven. high performance design for low pressure,
    steam heating boilers. The design is approved for use by the U5.

    Inlet Sizes:

    1 1/2" through 6"

    Inlet Ratings:

    ANSI Class 250

    Outlet Sizes:

    2 1/2" through 4"

    Outlet Ratings:

    ANSI Class 125

    Orifice Sizes:

    Eight sizes – H through Q

    Set Pressure Range:

    15 psig to 250 psig

    Temperature Range:

    -20°F to 420°F


    Cast iron body with brass trim

    Standards and Regulations:

    ASME B & PVC, Section 1 & VIII

Type 1511 Safety Valve

Type 1511 Safety Valve

Type 1511 Safety Valve

Applicable Industries

Power Generation, Paper.

Key Applications : Boiler