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Jacksonville, Florida (April 3, 2020)

Consolidated Announces New, Patented Cryodisc Technology

Consolidated™ Pressure Relief Valves announces the release of the NEW, patented “Cryodisc” technology as an optimized seat leakage solution for pressure relief valves operating under cryogenic conditions. Pressure Relief Valves (PRVs) are a necessary requirement for overpressure protection within the LNG industry. However, not all PRVs are created equally when it comes to performance within cryogenic applications, and design temperatures as low as -320°F (-196°C). These applications require enhanced sealing features to address the thermal expansion, resulting from cryogenic conditions, to ensure proper performance of their primary safety function.

“PRVs are the last line of defense to protect equipment and personnel from an overpressure event.”, says Matt Byers, Senior Product Line Manager – Consolidated Valves. “Materials of construction, trim designs and anti-galling measures are all critical for design to address these challenging applications. Many end users have been implementing local fixes to reduce, or delay, impact of wear against these scenarios to maintain their operations and keep the PRVs function. However, the severity of cryogenic requirements in the LNG industry extend further than typical relief valve countermeasures that are commonly used today, emphasizing the need for advanced technology as a primary solution.”

Through advanced FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and lab testing, Consolidated has advanced the state of the art with this technology to yield greater results. In our new white paper, “Designing PRVs for Cryogenic Optimization”, Matt Byers outlines the research and patented technology that Baker Hughes offers as a leader in this application. Continuous research and development at our state-of-the-art Jacksonville factory has continued to give Consolidated a leading position in safety and safety relief valve technology, giving confidence that without a doubt, Consolidated is “Best Under Pressure”.

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White Paper


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