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Flowgrid™ Regulator

  • Description:

    Helping the Natural Gas Industry Increase Efficiency and Performance.

    Baker Hughes’ Mooney Flowgrid Regulator is an easy-to-maintain valve for self-contained pilot systems that allows users to maintain pressure and flow control of almost any gas or liquid.

    The ability to control pressure and flow increases accuracy of use, responsiveness and stability while decreasing parts, noise levels and maintenance and energy costs. Combined with top entry access to all components, the Mooney Flowgrid Regulator adds value for customers looking to produce energy more efficiently and reliably with less expense and greater awareness of environmental responsibility.

    As a self-contained, pilot-operated device, the advanced technology solution can offer substantial energy savings when compared to conventional air-operated or electrically operated control valves.


    • In-line maintenance with minimal part
    • Rugged fabric-reinforced throttling element/diaphragm provides flexibility, stability and fast response time in severe service conditions
    • Elliptical main spring provides a high frequency  response, proportional action for stability, consistent  low minimum differential and shut-off force 
    • Spring case designed to enhance speed of response and stability
    • More than 88 valve body options fit a wide variety of applications
    • Throttle plates offered in four standard capacities: 100%, 75%, 50% and 35%. Custom capacities  available if desired
    • Symmetrical throttle plate design helps prevent  debris from accumulating under the seat and  affecting shut-off
    • Drilled-hole throttle plates reduce noise and help  extend diaphragm life
    • Equal inlet/outlet pressure rating for all sizes assures easy operation without special start-up procedures required 
    • Dual-port valve design provides redundancy with  dual pilots and extra capacity with one pilot
    • Compact size for easy installation in any position


    The Flowgrid regulator is ideal for pressure reducing, backpressure or relief, flow-control, and multi-function control applications.


    1” to 12”

    Body Style:

    Single & Dual Port

    End Connections:

    Screwed, Socket Weld, Flanged, Flangeless & Buttweld

    Temperature Range:

    20°F to 150°F

    Emergency Temperature:

    Minimum/Maximum: 40°F to 175°F


Flowgrid™ Regulator

Flowgrid™ Regulator

Applicable Industries

Midstream Oil & Gas.

Key Applications : Metering & Regulation Stations, City Gate Stations, District Reguating Stations, Industrial Service Regulation, Boiler/Burner Gas Regulation, Petrochemical Feed, Power Plant Feed, Fertilizer Plant Feed.