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Flexflo™ Model 900TE Top Entry Regulator

  • The Model 900TE (Top Entry) Flexflo Regulator is a self-contained, pilot-operated pressure regulator that may be used in both gas and liquid applications. The 900TE Flexflo Regulator design features a simple, top-entry design for easy in-line maintenance. The 900TE incorporates a cast steel body with integral flanged end connections.  Multiple trim configurations are available to match a variety of applications. The 900TE Flexflo Regulator is available from 2" (50.8 mm) to 6" (152.4 mm) bore. The 900TE Flexflo Regulator typically is used with a Flexflo Pilot for pressure control applications. The environmentally friendly design of the Flexflo Pilot and Regulator eliminates all atmospheric emissions by maintaining all gas/liquid within the piping system.

    •    Top entry design provides easy in-line maintenance or inspection 
    •    Top entry design accessible without removal of pilot or plumbing 
    •    Rugged design ideal for demanding pipeline applications

    •    Pulsation resistant design ideal for power plant type applications 
    •    No hydraulic oil or internal springs required 
    •    Simple design has only one moving part 
    •    Environmentally friendly design with no emissions 
    •    Reduced capacity trims may be easily exchanged to optimize for flow conditions 
    •    Dual instrument connection ports allow versatile control options/configurations 
    •    Since 1942, the Flexflo Regulator is the original flexible element regulator 
    •    Can be mounted horizontal, vertical or upside down 
    •    Low noise 
    •    Pressure reducing, pressure relief or flow control applications

    Item:             Model 900TE Flexflo Regulator 
    Type:             Pilot Operated Regulator 
    Body Materials:     WCB 
    Available Sizes:         2 in. (DN 50) 
    3 in. (DN 75) 
    4 in. (DN 100) 
    6 in. (DN 150) 
    End Connections:     Raised Face Flange 150, 300, 600 ANSI ASME/ANSI B16.10 
    Working Temperature:     -20°F to +150°F (-29°C to +66°C) Standard* 
    Maximum Differential:     1200 psid* 
    Maximum Inlet Pressure: 1480 psig* 
    Outlet Pressure Range:     1480 psig**

    *   Limited by Flexflo Tube Selection. 
    **  Limited by Flexflo  Pilot Selection.

Flexflo® Model 900TE Top Entry Regulator

Flexflo™ Model 900TE Top Entry Regulator

Flexflo™ Model 900TE Top Entry Regulator

Applicable Industries

Midstream Oil & Gas.

Key Applications : Metering & Regulation Stations, City Gate Stations, District Reguating Stations, Industrial Service Regulation, Boiler/Burner Gas Regulation, Petrochemical Feed, Power Plant Feed, Fertilizer Plant Feed.