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Flowgrid™ Slam Shut Regulator Delivering Accuracy, Performance and Protection

  • Baker Hughes has drawn upon our leading product technology and application expertise to develop the Mooney Flowgrid Slam Shut regulator. The Slam Shut regulator provides accurate, reliable secondary downstream pressure protection by shutting off the flow of gas when the sense or outlet pressure in the system either exceeds or drops below the set pressure point. The device can stand alone or be integrated with a Mooney Flowgrid regulator. 

    With the Mooney Flowgrid Slam Shut regulator, you get even more than a quality engineered product.

    Because Baker Hughes has an unflagging commitment to quality and safety, we have secured global PED EN 14382 certification for the Slam Shut regulator for sizes 2-4 inch. The certification was awarded by DVGW (the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water), one of  the world’s most recognized industry certification bodies and the largest gas and water industry  certification agency in Europe. For more information about other certifications contact your local representative. 

    The Flowgrid Slam Shut regulator has earned the trust of our customers around the world.  This advanced technology provides the reliability and security that is necessary for success in  this industry. Because the product’s top entry design allows for easy maintenance, users can be more productive, which lowers overall costs and yields sustainable energy savings.

    shut down

    Flowgrid Slam Shut regulator

    The controller assembly for the Slam Shut can be supplied with either over- or under-pressure shutoff protection in three basic interchangeable configurations:
    1. Series 50 single function controller, which provides either over- or under-pressure shutoff protection. 
    2. Series 50D dual function controller, where each function provides either over- or under-pressure shutoff protection and both functions are controlled by a common sense port
    3. Series 50DS dual function controller, where each function is controlled by an independent sense port. This allows two independent locations to be monitored for an over- or under-pressure condition, each with its own set point.

    A stand alone Slam Shut consists of a Flowgrid body with valve module and cover mounted on top. The pressure controller is mounted on the side of the valve module. 


    • Virtually eliminates nuisance trips caused by vibration and sense pressure variation
    • Retrofitable to existing 2-inch to 4-inch Flowgrid regulators
    • Pneumatically actuated latch mechanism
    • Bubble-tight shutoff with floating flapper design
    • Over- or under-pressure protection, or both
    • Water tight for below-grade vault installations
    • Stand alone or integrated into a Flowgrid regulator
    • Simple reset from front or back without removing covers
    • Easy maintenance with a top entry design
    • High accuracy
    • Proximity Switch signals the open/closed position of the valve
    • For remote indication (optional feature)

    Mooney™ Flowgrid™ Slam Shut Device 


    The Mooney Flowgrid slam shut regulator when used with a pressure-reducing regulator provides secondary downstream pressure protection.


    1”-4” (DN 50-100)

    Body Style:

    Single port 

    End Connections:

    ASME CL150 RF & CL300 RF,

    CL150 FF

    NPT (1”-2” (DN 25-50) only)

    Temperature Range:

    -20°F to 150°F

    Emergency Temperature:

    -40°F to 175°F

Mooney™ Flowgrid™ Slam Shut Device

Flowgrid™ Slam Shut Regulator Delivering Accuracy, Performance and Protection

Flowgrid™ Slam Shut Regulator Delivering Accuracy, Performance and Protection

Applicable Industries

Midstream Oil & Gas

Key Applications : Metering & Regulation Stations, City Gate Stations, District Reguating Stations, Industrial Service Regulation, Boiler/Burner Gas Regulation, Petrochemical Feed, Power Plant Feed, Fertilizer Plant Feed.