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Foxborough, Massachusetts (September 4, 2019)

Foxborough, MA (September 4, 2019)


The business of valve maintanence is transforming before our eyes, and the toolbox of today’s technicians includes much more than torque wrenches and micrometers. Our technicians today are part of the digital generation, they come to the job armed with software, data, and the ability to see the future using advanced algorithms before they begin a job. Author Gary Ostrowski, Sr. Product Manager - Aftermarket Tools, recently published a story with Hydrocarbon Engineering to explain the transition we are leading, and how our future development work is changing the landscape of our service business around the world.

“Our service network, both direct and 3rd party trained, are differentiators for our products in the market. They have a great portfolio of VLM (Valve Lifecycle Management) tools at their fingertips today that can help customers improve quality, efficiency and timeliness of start-up/commissioning, operations monitoring, and turnaround management.”, says Gary Ostrowski. “Decades ago we stared a journey to convert valve mechanics into technology savvy diagnostic engineers, and today these people are not only using these tools, but they are pulling us forward with great ideas and innovation for the next generation.”

This article compares our technicians to doctors who are diagnosing patients with critical illnesses using very similar methods to identify outlier conditions and track changes to diagnose problematic trends before they become uncontrollable. Using Valve Aware advanced diagnostic software, our partners can predict the future and identify priorities to be managed at each turnaround. BHGE and our local network of channel partner field service specialist are readily available to help users commission, monitor and service their fleet of valves using today’s most advanced methods. To find your local channel partner, please follow this link to our channel finder page


Check out the new publication in September 2019 edition of Hydrocarbon Engineering.

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