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Houston (November 20, 2020)

Consolidated 1900 Dual Media (DM) SRV White Paper (English)

Baker Hughes, Consolidated announces another step forward in the continued development and promotion of advanced solutions in Pressure Relief Valves (PRV). The right valve for the right application is a critical determination that must be made for a PRV which acts as the last line of defense in case of over pressurization. However, how can the right valve be confidently specified in situations where multiple applications and cases must be covered by a single valve? Notes Matt Byers, Sr. Product Manager Consolidated Pilot Valves, "in pressure relief system design, the biggest challenge is often determining the worst-case flow scenario, or what is known as the controlling case of over pressurization, especially in applications that experience multi-phase or multi-case process conditions"

This white paper will help with the understanding of the latest certified PRV trim technology available today, and how to select the most appropriate design to cover the widest range of relief conditions that the PRV could experience. 

Read more with Consolidated’s new white paper publication, authored by Sr. Product Manager Matt Byers, that describes the technology behind the Consolidated™ 1900 Series Dual Media (DM) Dual Certified Safety Relief Valve

link to ‘Consolidated 1900 Series Dual Media (DM) White Paper 

For more information on Baker Hughes , Consolidated portfolio of pressure relief devices please visit out links below.



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