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  • Features

    Top and Bottom Guiding

    A well accepted industry standard particularly suited for double seated plugs to provide adequate support against side loads.

    High Capacity with Low Recovery

    Flow capacity is at top levels for contemporary double seated regulators and is attained with very little pressure recovery as indicated by a high critical flow factor.

    Reduced Capacity Trim

    0.4 Factor Trim - the most practical double seated trim design giving a substantial reduction in capacity while maintaining desirable flow characteristics.

    High Performance Materials

    Materials of construction have been selected for high performance and long life when handling the high pressure drop capabilities of the valve.

    High Temperature Applications

    For temperatures over the rating of the diaphragm material, the regulator must be mounted with the actuator below the centerline of the regulator body. The diaphragm will be protected from the high temperature by a condensate barrier in the sensing line and actuator diaphragm case. If installed otherwise, an adequate condensate barrier must be incorporated. Consult factory for more information.


    Models 525 and 526 Regulators are designed for use with the 10900 Series Actuators for reducing, back pressure and differential pressure applications. Refer to Technical Specifications bulletin GEA19537A for actuator selection.

    General Data


         Pressure Reducing                           525

         Differential Pressure Reducing      525-50

         Back Pressure                                    526

         Differential Back Pressure              526-50


    Steam, Gas, Liquids


     ¾” through 4” (20 through 100 mm)

    Ratings & Connections

    Flanged : ASME CL150-600

    Welded : BW or SW

    Screwed : NPT ¾” through 2” (20-50 mm)


        Type : High Capacity Globe with Double Seated Top and Bottom Guided Plug

        Materials :  Carbon steel, stainless steel


    Plug Type : Disc

    Seat Ring : Threaded

    Guide : Heavy Top and Bottom Guided

    Capacity : Full Area, Reduced Capacity in All Sizes


    Type : 10900 Spring Diaphragm

525-526 Series

Masoneilan 525-526 Series Pressure Reducing, Back Pressure & Differential Pressure Regulators

Masoneilan 525-526 Series Pressure Reducing, Back Pressure & Differential Pressure Regulators