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EVT-Pro’s true in-place valve testing enables you to meet local safety requirements for periodic testing and documentation without shutting down processes or dismantling or removing valves from service. You get the true “hot set pressure” of the valve, since it is tested under actual operating conditions.

The EVT-Pro device simultaneously examines two critical variables of the relief device — the upward force applied to the spindle and the actual system pressure. Using sophisticated sensors, including an acoustic device, EVT-Pro testing accurately determines the pressure relief valve’s set pressure. It can also immediately sense and automatically close a relief device should it remain open during a test – a unique safety feature built into the software and hardware.

Along with its rugged yet lightweight test fixture, EVT-Pro has state-of-the-art electronics and proprietary software, including an interface to ValvKeep* valve maintenance and management software. You can view test results in both tabular form and colorful graphs that depict the exact set pressure, and historical data and tests are readily available 24/7 with ValvKeep software’s database capabilities.