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Valve Software Tools

  • Baker Hughes’s suite of downloadable software tools provide a range of value from valve selection software (ValSpeQ and SRVSpeQ), through final product configuration and calibration tools (ValVue) that optimize the usage of the product in the field for highest performance and emergency safety operation.

    ValVue Software

    Baker Hughes's Masoneilan™ ValVue™ software provides high performance digital process control and safety that facilitates smooth set-up and ongoing asset management. It is compatible with existing analog systems, on-line diagnostics, partial stroke testing and improved process yield.

    Features & Benefits

    • Remote management reduces unnecessary trips to hazardous areas to configure, calibrate, and diagnose control valves for improved safety
    • User-friendly interface helps increase commissioning efficiency
    • Electronic documentation of configuration and calibration results as well as built-in valve signature analysis helps reduce and even eliminate manual diagnostic results computation
    • Capable of running various tests to measure the performance of a control valve and graphical viewing of various types of signatures for enhanced asset insight and management


    ValSpeQ/SRVSpeQ Valve Selection Software

    Not sure which valve you need for your application?  Download ValSpeQ (Masoneilan, Mooney & Becker valves) or SRVSpeQ (Consolidated valves) to size, select and generate proposal documentation for your valves. 

    Valve Software Tools

Software Tools