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Anti-Surge Valves

  • Description:

    Becker T-Ball* Anti-Surge valves from Baker Hughes provide precise anti-surge protection and control  for critical compressor applications across the oil  and gas industry.  Our patented rotary-control,  non-clogging T-Ball design provides fast, low  impact automation that helps eliminate potentially damaging pressure imbalances while reducing  maintenance and increasing efficiency—all  without compromising performance. And the  T-Ball’s unique combination of high capacity and high turndown offers superior control and  protection throughout the compressor’s speed range. The Becker T-Ball anti-surge valve is a  complete anti-surge control solution that delivers high performance and reliable protection even in the most demanding operating environments.

    The patented rotary control T-Ball features a  non-clogging quarter-turn design that provides  quick and low impact automation. Its high capacity and rangeability combined with multi-stage noise  attenuating trims makes it ideal for demanding  anti-surge applications. 

    Combined, these performance features  provide the following added benefits: 

    • Exceptional continuous control 
    • Fast response and protection of critical equipment 
    • Improved system operating efficiency 
    • Increased profitability with minimal energy loss 
    • Reduced maintenance and tuning

    Designed for maximum reliability

    Becker T-Ball Anti-Surge Valves can be custom designed for your application and manufactured with superior quality materials to deliver reliability and protection for your system.






    NPS 2 to NPS 42 50 mm to 1050 mm

    Ratings and Connections:

    Pressure Ratings: ANSI Class 150 - 2500; Shut Off Class: Class VI with soft seats or Class V with metal seats; End Connections: RFFE, RTJ, Weld En

    Body Materials:

    Carbon steel Stainless steel


    Single-Acting/Double-Acting Rotary Piston



    Inherent Characteristics:

    Modified Equal Percentage

Anti-Surge Valves

Anti-Surge Valves

Anti-Surge Valves