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Jacksonville, Florida (September 16, 2019)

Houston, TX (September 16, 2019)

Natural gas systems are designed to follow strict codes requiring secondary protection features to prevent over-pressurization. These systems are designed to eliminate single point of failure modes, however, systemic failure can even cause these redundant systems to fail under the most extreme conditions. Incremental contingency can be built into systems with the addition of Slam Shut Regulators that are designed to completely isolate and protect upon failure. This not only includes pipeline over-pressure protection, but just as critical the Slam Shut Regulator also protects against under-pressure events that could otherwise trip a system or extinguish a necessary pilot flame designed to burn off dangerous gas.

Many of today’s pressure sensitive pipelines that use aging infrastructure, or are the final transition point to lower pressure end users, require precise technology that can regulate and isolate at ultra-low set pressures, some times as low as a few inches of water column (< 1 PSI). Author John DeVeau, Sr. Product Manager Control Valves and Regulators, recently authored a technical article to explain the Mooney Pilot Mounted Slam Shut Regulator technology, and Baker Hughes’ ability to control and regulate at ultra-low pressure levels.

“Applications that require ultra-low MAOP (Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure) can be extremely sensitive to any fluctuation.” Says John DeVeau. “A single PSI swing in pressure can be more than a downstream device can handle, thus precision equipment must be installed to eliminate any excessive variation. The Mooney Slam Shut regulator design has been enhanced with the integration of a Series 20 Pilot as a sensing device that amplifies the available force to actuate the mechanical Slam Shut device and extend the product’s ability to precisely regulate at lower pressure levels than ever before.”

This article is the 2nd in a series of over-pressure protection articles released this year that provide the user a look at available technology for multiple scenarios of pressure protection. The full portfolio of control and regulator equipment supplied by Baker Hughes’ Becker and Mooney product lines provide our customers solutions that are SIMPLE, PROVEN, AND SAFE FOR OUR ENVIRONMENT. Baker Hughes and our local network of channel partner application specialist are readily available to help users specify equipment or system designs as needed. To find your local channel partner, please follow this link to our channel finder page.

Check out the new publication in the September 2019 edition of Pipeline & Gas Journal.

link to Ultra-Low Over-Pressure Protection article