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Beijing, China (October 30, 2018)

Shaanxi Weihe

Shaanxi Weihe Coal Chemical Chooses Baker Hughes Globe Valves for On/Off Oxygen Service

Baker Hughes has been awarded the On/Off valve package from Shaanxi Weihe Coal Chemical for their new 300 k-Ton Coal to Ethylene-Glycol project using Masoneilan globe valves for oxygen service to reduce the number of leak points using a 1 piece design.


Weihe Coal Chemical adopted the TEXACO water-coal slurry gasification process to make Syngas from refined coal for the preparation of Ethylene-Glycol. “Traditional installations have used 2 or 3-piece ball valves to support this application over the years, but do to performance and potential leak paths our customer was looking for an improved solution. We are happy to work together with Weihe Coal Chemical to provide them a high quality valve with tight shutoff by changing directions to use the Masoneilan globe valve technology,” said Julie Xu, China Region Executive, Baker Hughes.


For more information on Baker Hughes Masoneilan globe valves, please visit our link below.