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June 2023

For severe process conditions, a control valve such as the Masoneilan Camflex is an excellent solution for several reasons. The simple design allows the plug to move away from the seat when the valve opens, eliminating contact until the valve closes. This means less potential for erosion and wear between the plug and the seat. The valve geometry is straight through, so there are no tortuous paths for points of impingement and wear in the body. Unlike other rotary solutions, the Camflex can be sized with reduced trim to position the plug open and further away from the seat. This helps to prevent throttling too close to the seat. To further mitigate wear in the body, the Camflex can be configured for ‘flow to close’ so that the fluid passes through the body and the pressure drops outside of the body, allowing for a higher velocity and for flashing to take place at the outlet of the body. The Camflex has an extended retainer option to direct flashing downstream of the valve without any direct impingement on the valve surfaces. This protects the valve, as well as downstream piping. This extension can be manufactured from various materials based on customer requirements and best erosion resistance properties. The EF seal design with double O-Ring sealed packing is designed into a single body and bonnet, allowing for a single leak path and better sealing rated to 750°F. At half the size and half the weight of a traditional globe valve, the Camflex can go where many valves cannot. Its capacity is considerably larger than a globe valve at the same line size.

Cost savings can be achieved by using smaller valves to maintain process efficiency with reduced piping stress.

While the conditions are extreme in the crude unit, and there are many associated process challenges, efficiency and productivity can be maintained if proper consideration is taken for optimal valve selection.

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