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Jacksonville, Florida (March 9, 2020)

Jacksonville, Florida (March 9, 2020)

Baker Hughes has recently been awarded the contract to supply a third steam supply system for the PBF Energy owned Delaware City Refinery.

PBF Energy is an independent petroleum refiner suppling customer-branded fuels, industrial oils and petrochemical feedstocks. The Delaware City Refinery is a 190K barrels per day high-conversion complex with an expertise in processing medium and heavy sour crudes. This refinery has seen multiple ownership changes since its 1959 commissioning by Getty Oil to Texaco to Shell Motiva to Premcor to Valero. With all those changes, one thing has emerged from the site…. the Baker Hughes Masoneilan brand provides highly reliable severe service valves keeping the Process Controlled!

At this site in 2005, Masoneilan provided two identical 84000 Series SteamForm, steam conditioning stations, for converting high-temperature, high-pressure main steam from the on-site power station to a 600 psi process steam header for use throughout the refinery complex. In early 2020, it was determined that a legacy extraction turbine providing a third source of steam to the refinery would be de-commissioned, but the steam supply was essential and must be maintained. There was never a doubt who Delaware City Refining would turn to for this replacement project based on the successful 15 year performance of the circa 2005 Masoneilan systems.

The recently ordered Masoneilan 84000 SteamForm valves provide control of steam flow, pressure, and temperature through a single unit. The customized design features an expanded outlet section to manage velocity of the low pressure exit steam, combined with multi-stage Lo-dB noise control trim to manage associated noise. The pilot-balanced Class V shutoff trim design ensures minimal loss of valuable steam energy when the valve is closed. A separate severe service spraywater supply valve using Masoneilan LinclonLog anti-cavitation trim technology is used to manage a high-pressure water source for downstream desuperheating. These features combine to provide the refinery side of the complex with tightly managed steam parameters for reliable process control, while ensuring the power station works at minimal effort to serve their in-house customer.

In spite of these technology attributes of the valve specification, the site also needed fast product delivery to minimize disruption as they decommissioned the turbine and ramped up the new steam conditioning system. The Baker Hughes team came through with a forged design body along with coordinated factory and vendor support to provide a compressed lead time to keep the project schedule on time. Once delivered and commissioned, these valves are expected to provide the same highly reliable performance demonstrated by the substantial on-site installed base of severe service valves, both on the power station and refinery sides of the Delaware City Refinery.

For more information on Baker Hughes Masoneilan severe service valves, please visit out links below.


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