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February 15, 2022

The Global Hydrogen Transition

Baker Hughes Valves was featured in the February issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering magazine, as a comprehensive solution provider with an eye on the future of hydrogen as an energy source. Rathishkumar Sukumar and Raghavendra Mahalingam discuss the role that specialty valves will play in this rapidly emerging segment.

Any process that moves or stores hydrogen requires a valve. Hydrogen has long been a byproduct of refining applications, and core to our business at Baker Hughes. As more industries turn to this element as a critical green fuel source, the need for efficient production, transportation and delivery is greater than ever before.

With most of the world’s countries and manufacturers committing to net-zero carbon emissions in the next decade, engineers are faced with new challenges to create solutions for customers, as well as design and maintain optimized processes that stay operational, contain costs and reduce or eliminate emissions.

You can read the full article here.


For more information on the full Baker Hughes portfolio of valve products relevant in this space, download our Hydrogen Solutions Brochure here.


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