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Houston, Texas (November 12, 2018)


November release of Hydrocarbon Engineering features an article titled Cut Downtime, Enhance Optimization that outlines the benefits of control valve health monitoring. This article has been authored by two of Baker Hughes' best and brightest Engineers, Richard Tan Senior Application Engineering Leader (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), and Ricardo Casteneda Senior Digital Product Specialist (Houston, Texas).

Richard Tan leads the Valves Global Engineering team supporting new Refinery and Petrochemical plant construction, and comments “Long term plan optimization depends not only on selecting the best fit products for the application during the initial plant engineering, but also on designing an operating process that will benefit the site long term during the challenges of operation.” Working closely with his counterpart Ricardo, who has been a leader in developing the digital solutions for our customers, the two have partnered to specify many winning combinations over the years. Ricardo adds, “Selecting the best fit technology goes past the hardware welded in the lines, and into the digital data that is transferred over the lines. Prognostics valve health monitoring, such as ValvAware, allows preemptive actions to ensure the valves that once were ideal, are maintained and continue to operate providing the high performance they offered when they were first installed from the factory.”



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