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September, 2023

Control Valves for Hydrogen Applications

In the recent Summer 2023 edition of Valve Magazine, our own Kevin Jackson was published in a compelling article regarding proper sizing and material for hydrogen applications.

Any process that moves or stores hydrogen requires a valve. You need to be assured that when designing systems for hydrogen production, transportation, or storage you’ve got the best and safest in control.

Baker Hughes has been a leading supplier of valves for hydrogen production for decades, as part of traditional brown, gray, and blue hydrogen production through traditional hydrocarbon refining processes. Today our range of products expands through each of these processes and covers most of the necessary control and safety valves to prevent from hydrogen embrittlement (or “blistering”) in service, and our valves are extensively performance tested to handle extremely high cycling of 100k cycles or more per year.

With most of the world’s countries and manufacturers committing to ‘net-zero’ emissions within the coming decades, engineers are faced with new challenges to create technology solutions for customers, as well as design and maintain optimized processes that stay operational longer, contain costs, and reduce or eliminate emissions. Today, hydrogen is emerging as a global solution for clean fuel, as it can be transported locally or globally as liquid hydrogen, e-FUEL or ammonia.

View the article here. 


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