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Jacksonville, Florida (September 27, 2019)


Baker Hughes, Consolidated announces another step forward in the continued development and promotion of advanced solutions to reduce carbon footprint and maximize operating efficiency with the industry’s first ever “True Zero Leakage” modulating pilot valve.  While most modulating pilots only claim zero leakage of their main valve, The Consolidated MV07 Pilot Valve utilizes advanced bolt-on modulator technology to achieve “True Zero Leakage” of both the main valve AND the pilot valve all the way up to 100% of set pressure.

“Government intervention and enforcement through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has cracked down hard on plants emitting VOCs issuing (as of Sept. 2019) as many as 39 consent decree amendments that cover 115 petroleum refineries across America,” Notes Brian Burkhart, Senior Product Manager Consolidated Pilot Valves. “Consent decrees require plants to invest in costly upgrades around detection and prevention, and leverage ‘Best Available Technology’ to ensure harmful emissions and greenhouse gases are minimized. Consolidated leads the industry with a “True Zero Leakage” modulating pilot that not only minimizes emissions and process waste, but completely eliminates them via the ‘Best Available Technology’ in modulating pilot valves with the Consolidated MV07.”

Baker Hughes is committed to being a leader supporting the worlds reduction in global carbon footprint. Our combined valve solutions including Consolidated “True Zero Leakage” Modulating Pilot, Masoneilan ‘Low-E’ Low Emissions Packing, Becker “Zero Bleed” Digital Natural Gas Positioner, and VLM (Valve Lifecycle Management) Advance Carbon Footprint detection with ValveAware diagnostics are recognized as Best Available Technology today, supporting our reputation as the “BEST UNDER PRESSURE”.

Read more with Consolidated’s new white paper publication, co-authored by Sr. Pilot Valve Specialist, Gary Giles, and Sr. Product Manager Brian Burkhart, that describes the technology behind the Consolidated MV07 Pilot with advanced bolt-on modulator technology.

link to ‘True Zero’ Leakage Modulating Pilot White Paper