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Seoul, Korea (November 4, 2018)

S-Oil has achieved mechanical completion of their Residue Upgrading Complex (RUC) and Olefin Downstream Complex (ODC) projects, where Baker Hughes delivered well over 2,000 valves to support S-Oil’s largest every project valued at over $4.4 Billion. RUC and ODC are designed to improve profitability as well as secure long-term competitiveness of operations by enabling increased conversion of low-cost heavier hydrocarbons into high-value olefins and clean fuels. These high-pressure, high-temperature applications leveraged the Masoneilan LincolnLog and 77000 series products to convert the heavy residuals into higher profit, clean fuels for S-Oil.

“This project was a great success and partnership between 2 strong companies in the Downstream O&G space. Working closely together, we were able to manage through many generations of plant design and changes. Thanks to many key contributions from a strong project team in Korea we were able to secure the best control and safety valve technology from multiple Baker Hughes plants around the world. With our successful execution we can now partner long term to help ensure many years of profitable operation for S-Oil,” said Michael Kang, GM of Baker Hughes valves Korea.