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Bahrain (December 30, 2019)

Baker Hughes Awarded Severe Service, Control and Safety Relief Valves for BAPCO Modernization Project

Baker Hughes announces successful award to supply the severe service, control and safety relief valve contracts for the Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO) Modernization expansion project.

Today, BAPCO operates the Sitra Island Refinery with a production capacity of approximately 267 MBPD that is comprised of feedstock originating 1/6th in country from Bahrain, with the balance supplied through the local Arabia-Bahrain pipeline from Saudi Arabia. This expansion project to modernize BAPCO’s refinery will increase production to a new capacity of 380 MBPD, while in parallel increasing yield and efficiency by utilizing bottom of the barrel residual products from their process using current day technology enhancements.

“Over the last decade, Baker Hughes has been working with the key technology licensors to further the processing of the hydrocracker residue.”, says Stephen James, Global Application Engineering Technology Leader. “We have been extending the performance of our product envelop to handle higher pressure drops, and developing new materials that extend the life of these control valves used the erosive conditions in these harsh environments , such as the Masoneilan 74000 series. Over the past 3 years we have had an incredible run of success with these expansion projects, specifically when we can lead with our best in class technology, such as these severe services valves.”, notes Stephen. “What helped put us over the top with this project is BAPCO’s desire to monitor these critical valves and predict outcomes to ensure their investment deliver the desired return. Introducing our total lifecycle tools, including VLM (Valve Lifecycle Management) services and software, helped put our solution above everyone else.”

To date, Baker Hughes has been awarded approximately 1200+ General & Severe service control valves and safety relief valves for BAPCO through contracts with Samsung, Tecnicas Reunidas, and Technip with additional specification still coming in for the ancillary equipment.

Baker Hughes extensive supply chain capability and diversity were critical to help secure this project and comply with the complex project specifications that are commonly enforced today. Product will be supplied from Baker Hughes valve manufacturing sites in Coimbatore, India; Conde, France; and Jacksonville, Florida USA – with raw components sourced from various suppliers to comply with a “no-China” enforced material specification. Baker Hughes supplies a full range of products to meet all applications and complex customer specifications, giving the customer the confidence to know they can relax with their PROCESS CONTROLLED.


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