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Rotterdam, Netherlands (November 25, 2019)

This quarter was a turnaround season of optimization for the Lyondell Chemical Plant in Maasvlakte Rotterdam, Netherlands. Lyondell contracted local Masoneilan Dutch channel partner, Van Der Ende Valve Services, to overhaul their valves and validate the benefits of Baker Hughes VLM (Valve Lifecycle Management) services and software support. In place of normal turnaround chaos where maintenance teams rush to disassemble and inspect products, Lyondell called in the local MARC (Masoneilan Authorized Repair Center) to help identify the most urgent priority candidates for repair. Out of a list of nearly 100 valves, Van Der Ende and Baker Hughes were able to identify issues with nearly 20% of the overhauled valves utilizing Valve Aware data analysis tools.

“Lyondell has been an early adopter of digital technology, who has been working with us for decades as we developed each new release of our great positioners and software.”, said Taric Kabir, Senior Product Manager at Baker Hughes. “This turnaround season, we partnered with their Maasvlakte Rotterdam plant to validate the accuracy of our predictive diagnostics as part of our Turnaround Management Services. Local Masoneilan service provider, Van Der Ende, was brought in to assess approximately 100 valves critical control valves in the plant, where they help the particular valves in need of service and tuning. These opportunities allow us to document the actual conditions inside the valve as they are inspected, and compare them against the predicted conditions for validation where we found the conditions to be exactly as our algorithms detected.”

As part of the Baker Hughes portfolio of Fullstream solutions, Masoneilan control valves and VLM software offer a complimentary service that is field validated and proven as best in class. Only the VLM holistic maintenance approach that includes a total lifecycle solution can ensure our customers they can claim Masoneilan has their “Process Controlled”.

For more information on Baker Hughes Masoneilan control valves and the Baker Hughes suite of Digital VLM technologies, please visit our links below.



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