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Jacksonville, Florida (May 10, 2019)

Jacksonville, Florida (May 21, 2019)


Baker Hughes and local partner, Nelson Technologies, have successfully completed the production and shipment of pipeline distribution valves to North Shore Gas for the Grayslake pipeline interconnect station with Kinder Morgan pipeline, including critical worker, monitor and blending valves. The Grayslake station is responsible for a majority of the gas serving northeastern corridor of Illinois, and requires a high, 300:1 rangeability to meet peak season demand, as well as reduced capacity for low flow months. For this complex application, Baker Hughes supplied the patented, below ground Becker T2, low-noise control valves, to increase control range, reduce noise and minimize station footprint. The higher capacity buried T0 control valves provided minimal pressure drop for the water bath heater blending applications.

In addition, the control valve included the low-friction Becker technology that results in less wear against the stem seal, along with instrumentation incorporating the Becker zero-bleed Digital Natural Gas Positioners (DNGP), which both will yield benefits to the environment through reduced atmospheric pipeline emissions.

“North Shore Gas and Baker Hughes have been working together for nearly five years to take this site from concept to implementation.” Says Gleb Maksimov, Sales Leader Becker & Mooney products. “Long before this project was approved for procurement, our teams worked together to size and recommend the right technology to meet the demanding requirements on this project.  On-time delivery, assistance with valve station layout, and our ability to provide local, on-site startup services, turned this portion of a critical pipeline delivery project into a turn key solution. Our local partner, Nelson Technologies, was the full solution packager that helped bring this whole story together by supplying the heaters and auxiliary equipment to complete the solution.”

The Becker product portfolio includes control valves featuring high turn-down and significant noise attenuation, complimented by a fleet of environmentally friendly, zero-bleed instrumentation that is available in both pneumatic and electro-pneumatic solutions. This full portfolio drives the Baker Hughes-Becker vision to help customers solve complex applications with products that are industry leaders, yet,SIMPLE, PROVEN, AND SAFE FOR OUR ENVIRONMENT.

For more information on Baker Hughes-Becker portfolio of natural gas control products please visit the link below.