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Foxborough, Massachusetts (May 24, 2019)


Baker Hughes announcestogether with local Bulgarian MARC (Masoneilan Authorized Repair Center), Fluid Control OOD, they have been awarded the VLM (Valve Lifecycle Management) Contract to provide valve diagnostics and service management for the LUKOIL Burgas Refinery, Residue Hydrocracker unit covering approximately 150 valves. Located on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, the Burgas Refinery has been operating since 1964, and has continuously expanded and optimized operations to produce over 60,000 barrels per day to deliver roughly 10 million tons of annual capacity.

LUKOIL’s upgrades to the Burgas Refinery have added a lot of efficiency to their operation, but has also added more demanding processes that now convert heavier feedstock through their Residue hydrocracker unit.” Said Taric Kabir, Senior Product Manager at Baker Hughes. “Our VLM software provides a single user interface for valve diagnostics covering all 3rd party brands and types with no added infrastructure or cost required. Today, our service teams led by local partner, Fluid Controls, are out ahead of the commissioning cycle by monitoring for early signs of wear and preparing outage plans for the site well in advance of any potential failure.”

Baker Hughes’s Valve Lifecycle Management portfolio includes:


  • Digital Plant Valve Performance Audit captures and analyzes valve diagnostics and performance signatures, while comparing trend analysis over time of current vs. required criteria, regardless of valve brand.


  • Turnaround Prioritization Plan to look at every critical valve and assess the urgency of repair need and impact to total plant performance. Qualified MARC (Masoneilan Authorized Repair Centers) technicians can help assess which valves to service and repair at each outage to make the optimal usage of time and impact.


  • Service & Repair Plans help the local Repair Center plan in advance and stock essential kits/parts for servicing prioritized valves. Certified valve repair technicians can be scheduled with critical parts in hand to ensure quick response and rapid service during tight turnaround windows.


For more information on Baker Hughes and Masoneilan Digital Valve Lifecycle Management and Fluid Control, please visit out links below.

Valve Lifecycle Management


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