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Foxborough, Massachusetts (November 4, 2019)

Foxborough, MA (November 4, 2019)

LNG is an industry unlike any other, where demand driven growth allows new construction expansion everyday into the widest range of environments. No other industry see requirements ranging from offshore marine specifications, to remote Arctic liquefaction plants, to nearby-residential regasification terminals. This month, author Nathan Brunell, Product Management & Marketing Executive for Baker Hughes, publishes a new article in LNG Industry magazine to provide guidance for control valve specifications to help LNG instrumentation engineers stay ‘Ahead of the Curve’ under these new emerging trends.

“Traditional LNG applications have always be more complex than other industries just in designing for the ultra-low, cryogenic temperatures supporting the liquefaction process.”, explains Nathan Brunell. “Today, the range of extreme locations of these plants demands even more focus to design the proper products, including providing ultra-low temperature polymers within the instrumentation to support the ambient conditions of the Arctic, and corrosion resistant materials to withstand the offshore-marine environment of many tankers and terminals. In addition, environmental concerns continue to drive more restrictive limitations for both valve noise output and fugitive emissions.”

“Designing a suitable valve to withstand the service and comply with the specification is just the first part of our duties as valves suppliers.”, adds Nathan Brunell. “A part of a bigger player in the LNG space at Baker Hughes, we have had a distinct advantage to work with our business units to optimize our products. Developing advanced methods to work together with the LNG compressors, and implementing digital solutions to ensure proper calibration at commissioning are just a few ways where our business can help to squeeze a bit more efficiency and profit out of the applications. Our suite of VLM (Valve Lifecycle Management) services and software are an ideal compliment for both challenging applications, and remote installations where it’s difficult to access.”

As part of the Baker Hughes team of Fullstream solutions, Masoneilan control valves are able to offer a strong integrated solution that not only meets the complex application requirements, but also is designed with advanced digital control and diagnostic algorithms to optimize full system performance. Only a full system design can ensure our customers they can claim Masoneilan has their “Process Controlled”.

Check out the new publication in November 2019 edition of LNG Industry Magazine.

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Nathan Brunell The Author