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December 13, 2022

2900 & 3900 Series Back Pressure Enhancement 

Baker Hughes is pleased to announce a new product improvement for our Consolidated safety relief valves (SRVs) brand. The new enhancement for the 2900 and 3900 Series pilot-operated SRVs embodies Consolidated engineering’s experience and expertise in developing innovative product solutions to resolve application challenges for our customers.  

Through an engineering design breakthrough, Consolidated now has a new trim design that provides more efficient flow for greater capacities at high back pressures. As a result of this innovation, the pressure limits have been increased for both models, and the back pressure correction curves (Kb) meet industry standard pressure curves.  

With the expanded pressure ranges and improved Kb curves provided by this enhancement, a drop-in solution is now available for challenging back pressure applications. Higher capacities gained by the BT design help reduce the overall valve size required, providing customers with an optimized valve size with a lower cost of ownership over the full lifecycle. 


Consolidated White Paper

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