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Mooney™ AC Port Flowgrid™ Regulator

  • Applications:

    The 2" AC Port Flowgrid Regulator is an economical and easy to maintain pilot operated valve for both gas and liquid applications.



    Body Style:

    Single port (2”)

    End Connections:

    2” Cl 150, 300, 600 Flanged, 2” Cl 600 NPT, SWE

    Temperature Range:

    -20°F to 150°F

    Emergency Temperature:

    -40°F to 175°F

Mooney™ AC Port Flowgrid™ Regulator

Mooney™ AC Port Flowgrid™ Regulator

Applicable Industries

Refining, Petrochemicals.

Key Applications : Distillation, Hydroprocessing, Reforming, Cracking, Secondary, Blending, Quenching &Fractioning, Charge Gas Compression, Seperation.