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Masoneilan 75000 Series Tank Drain Sweep Angle Valve

  • Size

    1” x 1” through 18” x 18” (25 x 25 mm through 450 x 450 mm)

    Ratings & Connections

    flanged: ANSI 150 - 1500

    Body Materials

    stainless steel; duplex stainless steel; titanium; alloy c


    spring diaphragm; cylinder


    single piece stem and plug design with both top and bottom guiding to eliminate trim vibration at high-pressure drops

    Inherent Characteristics

    linear or contoured


    The Masoneilan 75000 Series is an erosive, flashing-resistant tank level control valve, designed primarily for use in level control applications with corrosive or viscous fluids prevalent in the PTA (Purified Terephthalic Acid) chemical industry. The 75000 series valve is a fully ported sweep angle body with a contoured gallery design to reduce body pressure losses and help mitigate erosion from direct impingement of particles within the flow path. . Equipped with high force actuation, the one-piece plug/stem is designed with a robust surface and guiding fins to break across a solid layer of crystallized fluid that can build up within the tank and throttle the process that include solids within the flow. Heavy top guiding through a stem bearing, along with port guiding with full stroke length plug flutes reduce trim vibration and easy overall fatigue to withstand a longer installed life under severe service.

    Available with 90°, 120°, 135° sweep angle body configurations for ease of piping hook-up in tight tank mounted spaces.

Final Masoneilan 75000 Tank Drain Sweep Angle Valve

Masoneilan 75000 Series Tank Drain and Level Control Valve

Masoneilan 75000 Series Tank Drain and Level Control Valve

Applicable Industries

PTA (Purified Terephthalic Acid) Chemical, Petrochemicals

Key Applications : Tank Level Control, Reactor Level Control, Tank Bottom Drain, Erosive Slurry, Crystalizing Fluid Control