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Masoneilan 71000 Series Visbreaker Valve

  • Size

    1” through 12” (25mm through 300 mm)

    Ratings & Connections

    Flanged: ANSI 150 - 2500; JIS 10k-63k; PN 10-400

    Body Materials

    Carbon steel; stainless steel; chrome-moly


    Model 87/88 multi-spring diaphragm; 51/52/53 Piston Cylinder


    Heavy top plug guiding coupled with a threaded seat ring design to form an outlet venturi flow path for outlet area protection

    Inherent Characteristics

    Equal Percentage


    The Masoneilan 71000 Series single ported, heavy top guided control valves are designed with built in versatility making them well-suited to handle a wide variety of heavy-duty process applications, such as crude oil refining and gasifier units.

    Crude oil refining generates residues, or ‘bottom-of-the-barrel’ dirty hydrocarbons that are fed to conversion units such as delayed cokers, visbreakers or flexi-cokers. These dirty fluids crystalize and become highly erosive, making it difficult to process without downstream quenching. Similar challenges exist within crude oil upgraders using bitumen from tar sands with entrained sands.

    • Streamlined Angle Body Design: The unique angle body interiors are designed to minimize and prevent particulate build-up against the valve walls. With reduced fluid momentum change, particulate within the flow stream yield less impact energy against the valve, thus extending useful life in harsh service.
    • Heavy Guided, Hardened Plug Design: The heavy duty plug design of the 71000 series includes a solid stainless steel base material, with a hardened surface to prevent premature application induced erosion. Combined with optional flushing connections, the 71000 series is designed to prevent crystallization, or coke, build up, with a robust plug to break through any residual formation when equipped with high force actuation. Heavy port guiding.
    • Corrosion Resistance Materials: The 71000 Series is available for Severe Service Applications using materials and construction methods in accordance with ANSI/NACE MR0175/ISO 15156-1 & MR0103.g and stem guiding reduce trim vibration for longer installed life under severe service.
    • Low Emission Certification: Using the Masoneilan Low-E series of low-emission packing, the 71000 series achieves ISO 15848 Class A, and far exceeds EPA CLLT requirements of <100 ppm.
    • Tight Shutoff: Class IV leakage standard.  High thrust actuation options provided to meet IEC-534-60534-4 and ANSI/FCI 70.2 Class V.
Masoneilan 71000 Series Visbreaker Service Valve

Masoneilan 71000 Series Heavy Duty, Streamlined Angle Control Valve

Masoneilan 71000 Series Heavy Duty, Streamlined Angle Control Valve

Applicable Industries

Refining, Petrochemicals.

Key Applications : Crude Oil Refining (Delayed Cokers, Visebreakers, Flexi-cokers), Crude Oil Upgraders (Bitumen from Tar Sands), Gasifiers