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  • Masoneilan 174 Series

    Spring Loaded, Direct-Operated Reducing or Back-Pressure Regulator

    The Masoneilan 174 Series regulators are a spring loaded, direct operated regulator for pressure reducing or relief applications in a variety of industrial applications. The large diaphragm area provides more accurate control at low pressure settings and the lever design provides excellent shut-off tightness. These regulators are available in ½” up to 1½” (DN15 through DN40) body sizes with a maximum inlet pressure of 145 psig (10 barg). The simple construction makes it very flexible, easy to install and to maintain.

    General features:

    • Flow to open or close design (depending on function)
    • Internal pressure sensing
    • Resilient single seat
    • Elastomeric Diaphragm
    • Flexible body orientation to simplify installation
    • Spring Loaded, Direct-Operated Regulator for Pressure Reducing or Relief Applications



    174-1 Pressure reducing

    174-7 Back-Pressure / Pressure Relief


    Gas, Air


    ½” through 1-1/2” (DN15 through DN40


    Connections: Screwed (NPT)


    Maximum Inlet Pressure

    174-1 Reducing: 145 psig (10 barg)

    174-7 Relief: 4.4 psig (0.3 barg)

    Maximum Outlet Pressure

    174-1 Reducing: 8.8 psig (0.61 barg)

    Set Pressure Range:

    174-1 Reducing: 1.4 inches w.c. to 8.8 psig

    174-7 Relief: 1.4 inches w.c. to 4.4 psig

    Temperature Range:

    -0.4° to 194°F (-18° to 90°C)



174 Series

174 Self-Contained Pressure Reducing or Back Pressure Regulator

174 Self-Contained Pressure Reducing or Back Pressure Regulator