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Masoneilan SVI™ FF Valve Positioner

  • Certifications:

    FM, FMc, IEC and ATEX certifications for explosion proof, intrinsically safe, flame proof (other local approvals pending). Enclosure protection: NEMA 4X / IP66

    Communication Platform:

    FOUNDATION TM fieldbus Protocol. MAU 121 (Entity model IS) and MAU 511 (FISCO IS) profiles powered from H1 segment, power change on transmit.

Masoneilan SVI* FF Valve Positioner

Masoneilan SVI™ FF Valve Positioner

Masoneilan SVI™ FF Valve Positioner

Applicable Industries

Power Generation, Refining, Petrochemicals, Midstream Oil & Gas, Upstream Oil & Gas.

Key Applications : Steam Turbine Generator, Condenser, Cooling Tower, Reactor Building, Turbine Building, Reactor Facility Grounds & BOP, Steam Turbine, Gas Turbine, Heat Recovery Steam Generator,  Balance Of Plant, Distillation, Hydroprocessing  Reforming, Cracking, Secondary, Blending, Quenching & Fractioning, Charge Gas Compression, Seperation, Pipeline Integrity, Operations, Dehydration, Refrigeration, Liquifaction, Loading/Shipping, Regasification, Auxillary, Dehydration/Treating, Compression.