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We are committed to delivering products & solutions that enable our customers to control their process and reduce their emissions, meeting or exceeding industry standards.



Low-E Control Valve Packing

Masoneilan™ Low-E packing series far exceeds some of the most rigorous standards and environmental specifications of < 50 ppm in the market today. With over 100,000 mechanical cycles using both methane and helium test media, the Low-E series has been independently tested and verified for certification as low as 1 ppm for some of our premier products, including the flagship Camflex™, rotary control valve.

In addition, most globe and severe service valves have been certified with results in the low range of 6-10 ppm, making a complete portfolio of best-in-class low emission control valve solutions. CLLT (Certified Low Leak Technology) certificates are available upon request. 

Masoneilan Low-E Packing Series

Go with the best Solution Available – Masoneilan Low-E Packing


ValvAware Early Leak Detection

Low-emission packing are great solutions certified to minimize your carbon footprint, but over time the best solutions should also include advanced diagnostic detection, such as the Masoneilan VLM diagnostic services to monitor performance. Troubleshooting friction errors can be as easy as turning a wrench once you are aware of the problem!

With friction detection algorithms, performance trends are monitored and used to predict an increase in potential fugitive emissions before it occurs. Easy to read VHI (Valve Health Index) meters identify problematic indicators, such as changes in packing friction, which can lead to undesirable effects.

Digital Differentiation with Valve Aware Diagnostics – Early Leak Detection



‘True Zero Leakage’ Modulating Pilot Valve

Pressure relief valves are notorious for leaking process to atmosphere or flare header systems under normal operating conditions.

Consolidated ‘True Zero Leakage’ modulating pilot valve technology enables true zero leakage at operating pressures as high as 99% of set pressure, increasing operating efficiency and reducing unwanted emissions.

White Paper: The “True Zero Leakage” Modulating Pilot