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Type 31700 Pressurizer Valve

  • The Baker Hughes CONSOLIDATED® 31700 Safety valve has been designed specifically for Nuclear Service and incorporated in its design are many desired features and improvements developed from experience gained on Nuclear Power Plants. Every effort has been made to provide a design which can be readily serviced in the field and which as a high degree of reliability to meet the stringent needs of our Nuclear Power customers. CONSOLIDATED® series 31700 steam safety valves are designed and certified under Section III of the ASME Code for application in Nuclear Power Systems.

    Inlet Sizes:

    1 ½” to 3”

    Inlet Ratings:

    ASME Class 2500

    Outlet Sizes:

    4” to 8”

    Outlet Ratings:

    ASME Class 300 to 600

    Orifice Sizes:

    1, 3, 5, 6, K, L, M, N and P

    Set Pressure Range:

    100 to 3000 psig

    Temperature Range:

    Up to 700°F


    Stainless Steel

    Reactor Service:

    Pressurized Water

    Typical Applications:

    Primary vessel service and closed loop systems


    ASME Section III, Class I, NV-stamped

    Standards and Regulations:

    ASME B & PVC, Section III

Type 31700 Pressurizer Valve

Type 31700 Pressurizer Valve

Type 31700 Pressurizer Valve

Applicable Industries

Refining, Petrochemicals.

Key Applications : Distillation, Hydroprocessing, Reforming, Cracking, Secondary, Blending, Quenching &Fractioning, Charge Gas Compression, Seperation.