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Key Industries : Midstream Oil & Gas.

Key Applications : Above & Underground Storage, Conventional & Unconventional Production, Compressor Stations, Gas Transmission, Gas Power Plant Feed, Natural Gas distribution, Petrochemical feed.

Becker Valve Regulator Pilot

  • Becker Valve Regulator Pilot (VRP) and VRP retrofit  
    The Becker Valve Regulator Pilot (VRP) provides pneumatic pressure  control for gas applications.  The VRP measures the downstream  pressure and utilizes pipeline gas to power the actuator and position  the valve to maintain the desired setpoint.

    The VRP provides the following benefits:

    •    Maintains control within 0.75% of desired setpoint
    •    Combines the functions of a positioner and a controller into a single device 
    •    ZERO steady state emissions 
    •    Unique to Pressure System can completely eliminate instrumentation emissions 
    •    Models suitable for both double acting and single acting actuators 
    •    Ability to retrofit to any style valve already in the field 



    Housing meets NEMA 3 classification


    Operative ambient temperature range: -20°F – 160°F (-29°C – 71°C)


    The VRP Series is used for pressure control or on/off service in applications including gas production, processing, transmission, distribution systems, and more

Becker Valve Regulator Pilot