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Heavy-duty, high performance applications require RPDA Actuators

  • Description:

    The Becker Rotary Piston Double Acting (RPDA) Actuator is designed for heavy duty control applications that require optimum performance. The RPDA actuator incorporates a crank-arm mechanism specifically designed for the rigors of throttling control valve applications.  The RPDA actuator can accept high pressure power supply gas up to 400 psig (2758 kPa) enabling the use of smaller actuators or Baker Hughes' exclusive Bleed to Pressure System (BPS) feature.


    • Bleed to Pressure System can eliminate bleed gas emissions
    • Retrofits to almost any pipeline valve
    • High pressure RPDA actuator accepts high-pressure natural gas up to 400 psig (2758 kPa)
    • Upright actuator design saves space and promotes longer actuator piston life
    • Designed to be maintenance free
    • Comes equipped with a high visibility scale that indicates valve position
    • Crank-arm design actuators are specifically suited for control valve applications
    • May be mounted in any installation orientation
    • Optimized low center of gravity to minimize effects of application vibration and in-service wear to enable long installed life

    RPDA Spec Table

Becker TM Rotary Piston Double Acting  Actuator

Becker™ Rotary Piston Double Acting (RPDA) Actuator

Becker™ Rotary Piston Double Acting (RPDA) Actuator