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Houston (Jan 21, 2020)



 The topic of cybersecurity usually brings to mind data breaches that impact financial or private information, stolen intellectual property or disruption of major events such as political elections. But even more severe threats exist, including cyberterrorism. Industrial leaders, in particular, need to be aware of the situation because of the risks associated with operating a plant.

Power, gas and hydrocarbon derivatives are all essential to daily existence today, yet each of these resources involves highly dangerous processes that, if compromised, could become major weapons of cyberwarfare.

In this article titled “Online control valve diagnostics in today’s cybersecurity world” published in the Winter 2020 edition of Valve Magazine, author Leo Hughes, senior training manager for digital valve products, Baker Hughes, USA, explains how diagnostics, have become a critical tool in digitizing our factories. But they must operate in a new world of cyberthreats.

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Check out the new publication in the Winter 2020 edition of Valve Magazine.

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